Alpha Up is about being the best possible "You" that you can be. It's about improving all aspects of your life to be as successful as what you are searching for in life.

Learning "Game" is about having 'choice' - versus being 'chosen' - who you want to fall in love and spend your life with.

The Hierarchy of Game is as follows:

Physique > Inner Game > Outer Game > Presentation of the Self

  • An improved physique will always lead to an improved inner game, outer game, and presentation of the self.
  • An improved inner game will always lead to an improved outer game and presentation of the self.
  • An improved outer game will always lead to an improved presentation of the self.

I recommend reading Mark Manson - Models over any other book currently in the field. Below are things I suggest that you work on before/while attempting to pick up women, if that's what you desire.


Getting Started

  1. Start working out especially lifting weights, good for testosterone the foundation of being a man

  2. After you worked out and have gotten to a healthy weight, this is when you focus on style (so you don't have to rebuy clothes when you lose weight). Make your interests and lifestyle part of your style. Not a frat boy wearing hugo boss suits.

  3. You need a mission in your life. Think about it this way: If you die in the next year, how would you want people to remember you? As a great writer? A political activist? A musician? You need something to work on, something you would contribute to the world. Not everyone will be a world-changing agent but you need to find something that you are very passionate about.

  4. Frame is simply your idea of yourself. Are you a cool, confident, fun, awesome person? Are you witty and intellectual? You need to develop alpha characteristics in your frame such as stoicness, abundance mentality and high value. Step 1-3 above and your characteristics as you see yourself feed into your frame. Make sure its clean. In particular, you need to weed out anything bitchy out of your frame.

  5. You need to dominate your woman physically (lift, mofo, lift!), mentally, emotionally (be stoic, bro), and sexually. You also need to dominate the relationship (no supplication and sex acts

A person who budgets their money is going to be successful with money
A person who budgets their calories is going to be at a healthy weight
A person who budgets their time is going to be efficient

What are you budgeting? You should write down what you want and go get it


Getting Started (reading)


You have to get to a place where you are comfortable with being uncomfortable. Stepping outside of your comfort zone.


For the alphas in progress:

This can take a long time to actualize, if you've been here 6 months and nothing has happened yet, that's because you're still unlearning old habits.

  • Maybe you're not lifting yet, but you've stopped doing drugs/alcohol so much and you've cut your video game time down (replace with ), learn a language instead of video games and for free!
  • You're not making gains, but you're mitigating vices.
  • You will have cheat days/relapse days, don't sweat it. Success is not linear.
  • You have to deprogram before you can reprogram.
  • Don't give up on yourself, keep reading and making baby steps.

If there's anything I can recommend first and foremost, it's to get 7-8 hours sleep a night, get a weight lifting program on the go and eat as best as you can for the budget that you're on. The energy and focus you get from lifting will help kick start everything else. If you're too pussy shit to workout in a gym or you can't afford the monthly subscription, get a weight set and workout at home. There is no excuse not to get your lazy ass off the computer chair. Keep on keeping on gentlemen.


Women start at the top of a hill, but have nowhere to go but down. Men start at the bottom of a mountain, but the only limit is how high they can climb.


Some funny quotes to keep you motivated:

  • Cuts for the sluts
  • Curls for the girls
  • Smile so great, they let me hit on the first date
  • If your teeth are white, she'll spend the night
  • Pearl-ies for the girl-ies
  • Thighs for the guys (for the girls ;)