So what I am going to attempt to do is break down these individual characteristics that you can read further on in the wiki and the menu bar above. For the too long didn't read people.


The first thing I would like to talk about with health and fitness is that whatever route you choose, whatever diet you choose, whatever workout program you choose, continue it for 90 days.

This will show to yourself that you can set a goal and accomplish it. Many people will read books on Cross-fit/P90x and special diets that they see other people have results with, but they never get started. So my first thing to say is: find something you would like to start with and just do it for 90 days.

It may work out great or you may want different results, but at least you committed yourself to something and showed yourself that you are able to accomplish your goals. You can now tweak whatever needs to be tweaked to further your goals and continue improving.

Working out with weights for guys is a must. I love running and cardio. I did cardio for a long time, but every work out routine needs to incorporate weight training. Lifting weights will increase testosterone, the molecule for men. This part incorporates the Red Pill theory that is in the side bar to the left.





  • Different strategies of Game, and I will cover each and what I think about how they will turn out in the short term and the long term
    • Style life/Mystery Method/Love Systems/RealSocialDynamics
      • Short term
        • Advantage: Meet chicks in clubs and bars primarily, good success in those venues
        • Advantage: Get laid with the chicks that you think are what will make you happy, the girls that go to clubs and bars
      • Long term
        • Disadvantage: No real relationships (using simple methods to perform the same abilities in order to sleep with the girl. This method doesn't take into account of demographics and will tell a 50 year old and a 17 year old to do the same thing in a club or bar.)
        • Disadvantage: Doesn't account for demographics
        • Disadvantage: Taking every encounter in terms of high or low value, and stressing that you always need to be "high value." (you should just be you, whatever that may be)
    • Speed Seduction/NLP
      • Short term
        • Advantage: Get women to become attracted to you
        • Disadvantage: No real opening or approach tactics
        • Disadvantage: Remember canned patterns and not really being yourself
      • Long term
        • Advantage: Master superior language skills for persuasion and social engineering
        • Advantage: Creating your own patterns and language skills that fit you and your personality
        • Disadvantage: Seduces women without taking into account for demographics
    • Mark Manson
      • Short term
        • Advantage: Improving every aspect of your life (fitness, wealth, purpose)
        • Advantage: Develop hobbies that you can meet women naturally without having to go to strictly bars and clubs
        • Disadvantage: You can't be lazy (it's going to take some discipline to improve yourself)
      • Long term
        • Advantage: Takes on the idea of demographics and meeting girls that will fit you and your personality/lifestyle
        • Advantage: Possibility to actually have a HEALTHY long term relationship
        • Advantage: Nothing to memorize or practice, you are just being you, the best possible you


Self development is huge. Everyone should constantly be setting goals and achieving them. If you aren't working every day towards a goal that you have set for yourself, then you are not living a life that you are truly capable of living. Things that can inhibit self development:

  • Television (being complacent and letting popular media to influence the way you think and behave)
  • Video Games (taking you from reality, you could be leveling up in real life by learning a new skill or working out, but instead you are spending your time in a video game that provides no real improvement in reality)
  • Porn (masturbation can make some less likely to get their foot out the door to actually go meet people. This can also hurt your sex life in the fact that you have desensitized yourself to a female body.)


Higher Purpose

Whenever you visualize yourself in your mind, you should always visualize it with whatever goal you are trying to achieve be achieved. If you want to improve your body, visualize yourself with that image.

Things that can create fears are if you are on top of a building, if instead of feeling the breeze and a breath of fresh air, you imagine yourself falling off the building, you will be afraid of that.

So we want to create better images for ourselves so we begin to think differently and improve our lives every day.

Every single experience that we experience in our lives, both positive and negative serves 2 purposes:

  1. The first purpose is the more superficial one, it's the one we're focused on. And that purpose is to give us something, some sort of success. It's the attainment of the goal. It's the tangible thing that we can say, "yes we have attained."
  2. The second purpose is who you are becoming. Who you are becoming through the experiences.

So if you take a millionaire. Someone who has been through all the challenges of building a business and becoming a millionaire. If you take all the money away from him, all of his connections, and you put him in a foreign country. Within a year he will become a millionaire again. The reason why is because he is the type of person who has the experiences of making a million dollars.

It's not the million dollars that matters so much, it's that you become a million dollar person. To become a million dollar person, you are going to have to go through some things: pain, struggle, risk. You have to go through all sorts of ups and downs, challenges and disappointments, minor successes and set backs.

This applies in any goal, dream, or passion. You're going to have to fall down and hurt yourself so you know how to get back up.