Chapter 1 – What Attracts Women


  • Women don’t distinguish social status or being an “alpha male” through material
    possessions – otherwise every guy flashing his expensive watch at the bar would be
    getting laid - but rather women judge it by behavior, as behavior. Women don’t perceive
    status only by the words you say, they judge your status by all of your behavior --
    towards them, towards others and but most importantly, towards yourself. Most of this
    behavior is non-verbal. And most of this non-verbal behavior happens subconsciously
    and cannot be faked.
  • I put forth that women judge social status by behavior. Social status is determined by
    how you behave around other people, how other people behave around you, and how
    you treat yourself.
  • These are the three tenants of being a high status and a highly attractive man: treat
    others well, be treated well by others, and treat yourself well.
  • Women are turned on by being wanted, by being desired. Suddenly, seemingly
    disconnected events that arouse women – a romantic marriage proposal in one
    instance, and a rape fantasy in another – make sense. Both indicate an extreme display
    of desire in her by a man. A man who’s willing to sacrifice everything to be with her.
    They want to be desired to the point that a man loses complete self-control.
  • The more physical assertiveness you pursue a woman with, the more aroused she
    becomes -- sometimes even if she wasn’t interested in you to begin with. Your bold and
    aggressive pursuit of her often turns her on to the point where she comes around and
    wants to get to know you. Being physically assertive and sexually forthright triggers a
    woman’s sexual arousal and makes her want to have sex. Ultimately, if you want to
    become intimate and sexual with women, you’re going to have to learn to convey your
    desire for her.
  • Sitting at home conjuring up theories about how to attract a girl in the club is just as
    needy as buying her a dozen roses and begging her to go out with you. It’s just you’re
    being needy in a way that lies and says you’re not needy. That’s all.