Chapter 2 – Emotional Neediness


  • How attractive a man is inversely proportional to how needy he is. The needier he is in
    his life, the less attractive and vice-versa. Women don’t judge a man’s status by the car
    he drives or how many VIP tables he buys. They judge it by his behavior, and the
    behavioral trait they pick up on is neediness. The opposite of neediness is actually the
    root cause of female-to-male attraction.
  • Women are generally only attracted to men who are less invested in them, than they are
    in themselves. By investment I mean the degree in which you sacrifice/alter your own
    thoughts/feelings/motivations for someone else. By less I mean that as a man, you
    should only be willing to sacrifice your thoughts/feelings/motivations for a woman less
    than she is willing to do the same for you.
  • Neediness is felt. It’s intuited by women by watching a man’s behavior carefully. It’s why
    women can often become turned off at the most innocuous moment or by the most
    unimportant statement. Consciously, the action or statement may seem harmless, but
    unconsciously, it conveyed a large amount of neediness.
  • A rich man doesn’t need to tell people he’s rich. A confident man doesn’t need to tell
    people he’s confident. And a guy who “doesn’t give a fuck” doesn’t need to go around
    telling people he “doesn’t give a fuck.”
  • Think about it, a guy who doesn’t derive his happiness and confidence in himself from
    how often he gets laid, isn’t going to be willing to put up with a highly neurotic, dramatic
    and emotionally unstable woman. It simply won’t be worth it. The little validation he
    receives from being with her will not be worth the headache she gives him.
  • There’s a lack of long-term relationships among pick up coaches in epic proportions.
    Most of them are incapable of maintaining a lower level of investment than the woman
    in the long run. This is because all of the tactics that they’ve learned and taught are
    short-term remedies, not deep, life-long change. They’ve never actually lowered their
    identity-investment and become permanently attractive men, they’ve merely thought
    up more and more ways to conjure higher investment from whichever women they’re
    speaking to.