The game disappears once you realize the truth. YOU, the real man, the man's man (even if you are still a boy on your way to manhood), are a fucking SCARCE commodity on the sexual market.

Today's women are utterly deprived because there's absolutely no good husband material out there. All the women in my age group that I know--or women my LTR knows and tells me about--are either single and frustrated, or unsatisfied in their relationship. There are virtually no authentic alpha males out there. Women today are forced to choose between pussy boys and retards.

In today's world it takes next to nothing to "be alpha," because everyone out there is so fucking beta. The only "men," who appear alpha (outside of communities like this) are idiots who don't know any better.

The so-called natural alpha is just an inconsiderate prick who lacks any empathy or ability to conceptualize beyond the edge of his dick. The only thoughts that come to his head are "Me horny! Me go fuck girls now," and then he does it. And then he appears alpha... he appears to be a decisive man. But his problem is that he acts without thinking.

In the end, he frustrates women because they can't form an emotional connection with him. So they have their BB orbiters for that. But these guys, on the other hand, are totally incapable of making decisions, setting boundaries, and so on because they're over analyzing. They overly empathize with others, especially women. Their problem is that they think too much and don't act enough--or decisively enough.

So then comes along a red pill dude in his mid to late twenties who was a nerd in high school and has since been working on himself. This dude is obviously rationally intelligent. He's also developed emotional intelligence, dominance, self-respect, decisiveness, personal integrity and so on. He has a tight body because he works out. He's developed a sense of style. He's very aware about the world and the social game. And if he's not making a shit ton of money already, odds are very good that he will within a decade or less.

This man is you. Whether he's you now or you in a couple of years doesn't really matter. What matters is that he's the holy grail in terms of SMV. When he walks by female heads turn. When he looks and smiles in her direction her panties get wet. When he talks to her she's in awe because...

He's not even gaming her. He's not using any tricks. He just has natural confidence he gained from thinking about the world AND acting in it.

If he gets into a LTR it's because HE wanted to. And if the LTR ends it's because HE wanted that too. Dread game for him isn't even a game. He doesn't even have to do anything because his GF/Wife knows that he can get chics at the drop of a hat. And so she works her ass off to keep him happy.

On the sexual market place HBs are a dime a dozen. They comprise at least 15-20% of women. There's probably about the same amount of dumb alphas, the so-called naturals. But there's probably less than one half of one percent of guys like you. And there's absolutely zero female counter parts to you. There's no such thing as a self-made woman.

So, once you start putting in the bare minimum amount of effort working on yourself you'll see how quickly attractive women just naturally come into your life. Women start opening you. They start openly asking you for direction. They get shy around you. They don't know what to say. They want to be yours and have absolutely no way of making it so.... unless you choose them.

Fuck game. Just talk to women and choose among them. Let it be known, in your own natural way, that you have options. And you always have options, because you love being by yourself. You love yourself and your alone time more than you love women because that's the time that you're getting shit done. When you're building your kingdom.

Women are just a place for you to rest when you get tired (which you can do by yourself just as well). And if they want, they can support you in your conquest and creation. But they better be fucking damn good at both things if they want to stick around.

So more than fuck game, FUCK this idea that you're not a natural alpha. You, the intelligent alpha, ARE THE REAL FUCKING THING. The idiot who seems alpha because every intelligent dude got pussy whipped by the system ISN'T. I hear this idea propagated over and over in the comments... that women hate RP because they don't want to accidentally stumble into a false alpha...

WTF kind of mentality is that? Is that really what you're aiming for? You just want to learn a bunch of tricks? You want to be a second rate imitation?

YOU are the real thing. At the very worst, you are the real thing in a larval stage. Just give yourself some time to mature.

Oh yeah, and WORK YOUR ASS OFF. Not for pussy. Not on your "game". Not because you want to "be alpha". Work because you fucken love yourself, you love life, and you're worth something more than what you have now.

Much love brothers. Have fun crushing it.